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Choose a partner with a proven, predictable process
Get to market fast! Six months to move through product development. It's not just about speed, the product has to stand out and be reliable as well.
1. Find and test possible solutions
2. Select and perfect the winner
3. Build the pre-production prototype
4. Oversee transfer to reliable manufacturer
We provide value at every stage
From concept to production.
Stage 1 — Concept Design
Identify Risk, Plan, Develop Concept

Key Activities:
Design risk assessment
Design plan and concept development
Visual representation of the product
Systems architecture planning

Concept released to detailed engineering
Stage 2 — Detailed Engineering
Focus on delivering a 'ready for production' fully defined solution.

Key Activities:
Implementation of product plan
Detailed design in 3D CAD
Bench model prototype
Validate and refine primary design features
PCB Layout and firmware development

Full documentation for pre-production prototype.
Stage 3 — Prototype and Test
Focus on delivery of production ready "alpha" prototype.

Key Activities:
Validate product requirements
Confirm usability, and look and feel of design
Fine tune solution for production volume manufacturing
Validate network of reliable component and production suppliers

Fully functioning pre-production prototype

Stage 4 — Manufacturing Support
Focus on transfer of knowledge to manufacturing teams.

Key Activities:
Sourcing Quality Manufacturing Partner
Quality Control Processes
Documentation Control
Production Planning

First volume production run and delivery of goods.
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Our experience spans 200+ hardware projects
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LED Light
On-board computer
External graphics card
Marine sensor
Cash register
Karaoke machine
Wall-type switch
Office printer
Medical monitoring system
Control pedal
Сryo sauna
Laboratory analyzer
XRAY shield
Medical device Medcoder
Intruder alarm
XRAY detector
Anti-theft antenna
Protected tablet
Mobile terminal for frontier guards
Police mobile terminal
Portable analyzer
Police protected tablet
Outdoor video paystation
Information terminal
Sampler machine
Smart bus stop
Charging station for e-mobiles
Nitrogen generator
Leak detector
Welding machine
Multi-axis drilling machine
Laser cutting machine
Industrial air conditioner
Briquette machine
Industrial metal-working 3D-printer
How much will my project cost?
How long will it take?
How do I get started?

For example, you are concerned about cost and how we work, right? Who is not. Perhaps you will be interested in a free 30-min product feasibility consultation with our senior engineering team.

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Get to know our great team
We never lose sight of our supporting role
Formlab is a team of a new in-house format. Our specialists are spread throughout the country, likewise our contractors — factories and manufacturers in Europe and Asia. This approach allows us not to be within the limits of "how it's comfortable", but think of "how it's efficient for the task". If necessary, we can readily find and put very narrow specialists on the project .
years of experience of our key specialists
successfully fulfilled complex projects
man-hour (about 15 years) of experience in product design
professional developers as a team backbone
наши клиенты есть во всех крупных производственных центрах страны
Why do we develop enclosures so successfully?
Head of Development Department
Chief Engineer
Alexey Benner
Eugene Arakas
Anton Romanuyk
Artem Smirnov
Product designer
Andrey Vostrikov
… and more
technical writers, mechanical designers, engineers, technologists —
Formlab grows and advances consistently.
Account Manager
Product designer
Nadya Bogomolova
Pavel Palkin
We should always think how to solve the main problem of the client — thus his product should be ready-to-sell, low-price in production and exceed analogues. Do it like this is our job.
Ilya Tkach
Product designer
Vladimir Panchenko
Product designer

6 more reasons to work with us

Be sure that you are making the right choice
For 10 years of Formlab's existence, we have developed more than 200 enclosures — from small electronic devices to house-size machinery.
We give design documentation to the producer on approval in the middle of the project, so that you would receive a project quality confirmation from a third party and be able to test the prototypes independently.
We can prepare and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (Confidentiality Agreement) on your demand immediately.
Assured design
Proper design
The hardware exterior should solve the business problems of the client. That's why we create enclosures with a professional up-to-date design, customized for specific production technologies and cost.
Convenient accounting
We work with VAT and manage the documentation on our own — clients' accountants like us.
For the few years we have been selecting reliable contractors on each rechnologies required for hardware production.
Designing a new hardware product starts with a Concept Design (CD) stage. A creative design and engineering team comes up with a solution. An experienced team is fast and can provide a predictable cost of development. The CD exploration and definition of a new product idea takes 200 or more hours, depending on the complexity of design, number of custom components, product safety requirements, and documentation.

Experienced design teams have rates from $125 to $400 per hour. We create a detailed customized CD budget, based on your project's specific needs.

For further details, please call and talk to us.

Product Design Stage:
Depending on how complex your new product design is, it will take from 2 to 6 months to complete our 4-stage process. Your design idea goes from concept exploration and engineering to 3D prototyping and user testing. It is then possible for several manufacturers to bid on.

Our creative team will find a solution that differentiates your product and delivers an 'I love it' user response, at the target business cost.

Need help to manufacture?
Our manufacturing setup experts will help you identify and secure trusted suppliers and contract manufacturers (CM) onshore and/or offshore as your project objectives require. We facilitate the process, from CM and parts supplier contracts, through injection tooling oversight, quality, test plans and Bill of Materials parts ordering.

Need help with your first pilot product build?
We set this up for you and fine tune product quality during the initial production batch builds and on to continuous production. Our process ensures we bring value, and transition out of the project as your operations team takes over production. We can stay on to facilitate production if your business objectives are to be a more virtual, low overhead operation.

NDA's ensure confidentiality for both parties during conversations. We provide a mutual NDA where the terms apply to both parties. If your organization has an NDA that requires our signature, we handle this through email.

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