I can offer you whole cycle of development:

— Technical specifications are required for the development of any project — from toothpick to press. We’ll describe in it all of the features of the future product -­ design, analysis of competitive products, technologies, production, sales and safety requirements. The correct specification gives all participants of the development of the product a clear understanding of what is necessary to obtain or achieve as a result.

— Research and analysis are the imperative parts of the process of industrial design. Any project requires a thorough research of its constituent elements. For example you need to think about the ease of use of your product by the buyer, or to analyze the errors that might appear in the finished goods warehouse due to poorly designed packaging. And of course considering the development factors of the competitors’ products
to see if they are better in any way!

Sketching gives you the opportunity to see several alternative approaches for the solution of any given task. Hand sketch or computer-generated visualization give a clear picture of what we offer, how will the ergonomics of the product be and what’s in it in particular. Off of dozens of units a few will be selected, and that will be the optimal solution of the problem before us.

3D-­modeling and visualization is used to realistically illustrate the sketch – it is necessary to understand how electronic components work in the proposed housing unit or what will be the exact size of the new machine. A simple aesthetic and user-­friendly form of presentation of the future project clarifies and will remove a lot of questions from investors for your project or will demonstrate your staff the implementation of the idea.

Layout and prototyping allows to solve one of the biggest challenges when designing, in particular the practical impossibility to check the ergonomics of the product in terms of modern electronic design. For the final decision a real, albeit simplified model is necessary. Only the full-sized prototype of the product makes it possible to see and analyze assembly of the product as a whole.

The mechanical design and documentation are the necessary requirements of the project embodied in the production. We develop a complete documentation package, which can be understood in any factory or mill. The mechanics of all the elements, the behavior of materials, restriction of production and hundreds of other parameters-everything must be considered when creating a mathematically accurate model of the product.

Production of samples may be needed for testing the product in an environment maximally close to real life, while the cost of a full cycle is too large. Using the technology of microcirculation production you can get several units of the product, which practically replicate the real features of the end product (mass production) designed by industrial designer.

— Copyright supervision provides an opportunity to monitor and control the safety of features and ideas incorporated to the product from the beginning of its development to the time of its manufacture and sales. In the case of absence of such controls often situations arise when important element of the product is changed or removed — and as a result the product becomes noncompetitive, and also finally unreasonably expensive.

— Contractors that specialize in addressing specific issues within the framework of entire project make it possible to fulfill the most diverse range of tasks. We only work with reliable, proven companies in Russia and Asia, therefore are able to offer rapid prototyping, molding of plastics, development and manufacture of packaging and many other services. We can guarantee the quality of the work, take on the issues of communications, or simply recommend a contractor to the customer for direct cooperation.